Business cards and other cards

The business cards are printed using offset lithography, squeegee, or digital inkjet printing, depending on base material and required quality. We offer more than a hundred types of various paper quality and other business card materials.

Cards for occasions as the New year, invitations and other certainly can contribute to create the desired image of your company. In order to meet the high quality requirement, we are using offset , digital inkjet or thermo printing in case of special colouring.

Tables and inscriptions

Cutting is one of the oldest forms for production of advertising tables and signs/notices. Its position in the area of advertising notices production seems irreplaceable.

The current trend emphasizing the most recent technologies and techniques is followed by our company, as we are using the high quality and the most recent cutting machines.

This way we provide high quality products. High speed and quality are the two most important factors in production we adhere to in order to keep our customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Advertising notices on cars, trucks and truck covers/sails are also part of our portfolio.

Graphics and design

If the customer is to be addressed properly, it is essential to have at hand rich information on the products advertised. There is no need to provide a sophisticated book or catalogue. A prospect, flier or catchy company information is something enough.

We offer professional catalogue design, ad fliers, billboards, and large format advertisements. All finished in high class quality in order to secure your satisfaction.

Web design

Every appealing web site has to be simple and user friendly. .
The website should reflect the company itself.

We offer solutions with HTML5, PHP, CSS, as well as the currently very popular Flash web sites. The validity of the websites created adheres to W3C standard.

The webs are optimized for various browsers as ANDROID.

Corporate logos

To design a logo is to create a piece of art. There is no need for a pencil, but creativity and thought are irreplaceable in the process of logo design.

Shaping a colouring must meet demanding technical criteria, so as to represent your company and its activities, regardless of time and place, regardless if black and white or in colour, on business cards, or billboards.

You should take into account that product packaging is the cheapest and most wide spread form of advertising. It is not only a place to put a bar code. The packaging design puts the product into a certain quality and pricing class. It may say much about your company.
We design brands and packages of the goods your company produces.

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs with high markedness are one of the most popular forms of presentation.

We offer various solutions, from the easiest signs to complete box letters and neon lights and giant screens with lights upon demand from the customer.

The environmental issues do matter for our company. In all types of illuminated advertising signs, special lights are installed, which save energy and thus the environment.

Large format printing

The large format printing gives your thoughts and ideas the real dimension. It is used for printing of ads and billboards.

Each job requires specific technical solutions, the output of which shall meet all the requirements from customer, especially in terms of time, quality and price. We are therefore trying to pick the most suitable solution on the basis of criteria important for our customer.

Our plotter with resolution 1440 dpi uses various materials as e.g. paper, vinyl, transparent or translucent plastics, so called backlight.

The printed document is then treated on the surface by, e.g., laminating (hot or cold). Opaque or translucent lamination can be used. It is further possible to apply adhesive layers by means of specific methods.
Vytlačený dokument je potom možné povrchovo upravovať napr. laminovaním za tepla alebo za studena (možnosť použitia matného alebo lesklého laminátu). Ďalej je možné vytvárať špecifickými metódami samolepiace vrstvy na dokumentoch.

Promotional items printing

We produce a variety of promotional items. All, as a matter of course, depends from the exclusive order by the customer. The printing is paid maximum attention in production, we are using only quality materials.

T-shirts and other gifts or promos from textile or plastic are produced using serigraphy. Serigraphy is also used to produce flags in different size, varying from a few inches to more than 10 m2. The materials used are either cotton or special nylon with higher resistance to climatic effects.

The promo bags are produced on the basis of photopolymetric microfluidic devices, enabling us to process high load order is an easy and timely manner.
Base material used is polyethylene. We offer the whole range for repro-proofs. We also offer promo bags without printing. The purchase of above 50 000 pieces allows raster printing with eight colours one side finish.

Engraving, milling

The engraving is the technique of putting inscriptions on various materials using laser, i.e., burning it into the surface of the target object, the aim being to produce the required decoration.
We offer a wide variety of materials. To name a few, we offer for example stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic materials, glass, wood, leather, paper, plastics, marble, stone, etc.

The technique also offers laser shaping. The technique provides several advantages as precision, subtlety of the motifs, their long lasting, ineffaceability, unique design of the designed objects.